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Credentialing Services
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AMA Data Integration

With AMA Data Integration and an AMA Profiles subscription, the AMA data you rely on has never been easier to obtain.

Streamline your credentialing process with a new API delivery option from AMA Credentialing Services known as AMA Data Integration, whether your organization has its own proprietary software or is using a credentialing software provider. At this time, AMA has developed a relationship with the following software providers to integrate AMA primary source data directly into the credentialing software you may already be using:

  • CredentialSmart
  • CredentialStream
  • EchoCredentialing
  • MD-Staff
  • MSOW Solutions 

Software restrictions

Access to AMA Data Integration is restricted by some providers to certain versions of their software. These include the following:

  • EchoCredentialing v182 or newer
  • MD-Staff v5.70 or newer
  • MSOW Solutions v3.1.1 or newer

Contact your software provider directly to determine upgrade requirements.

Do you use credentialing software from another provider? Would you like the convenience of data integration that others are already enjoying? Contact your software provider today and request access to AMA Data Integration.

The key to unlocking initial and reappointment physician data within your software is the purchase of an AMA Profile subscription. With a subscription and AMA Data Integration you will:

  • Boost efficiency: Access trusted AMA primary source data instantly.
  • Save time: Make one annual payment and you’re done.

Learn more about subscription pricing.