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AI in Healthcare

Smarter Healthcare: How AI is Changing Everything

November 22, 2023

As AI, or augmented intelligence as the AMA refers to it, enters the mainstream, it's critical for healthcare stakeholders to understand how to best leverage these innovations for the benefit of physicians and their patients. 

In our Q3 issue of Credentialing Insights, we shared what American Medical Association President Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH and AMA Chief Experience Officer Todd Unger had to say about AI in healthcare on a podcast entitled, “ChatGPT, AI in health care and the future of medicine.”  


Here are a few of their thoughts: 

Is AI a threat to physicians? No. While AI can be a powerful assistant or copilot in diagnoses, there is no substitute for the judgment that clinicians bring.  

What value can AI deliver in the healthcare space? AI is ideal for alleviating the administrative burden that nearly all physicians experience, specifically related to supply chain management, scheduling and other tasks that take them away from providing patient care.  

What challenges must be overcome to truly leverage AI? Determining liability, establishing trust, and passing legislation that will protect both clinicians and their patients.