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June 27, 2023

Billy Prout Headshot

AMA Sales Representative Billy Prout offered his thoughts about the most recent state conferences and nationwide trends he has noticed.


TSMSS Annual Educational Conference in Dallas, TX

“We learned organizations are still figuring out best practices for adapting the Joint Commission’s recent move to a three-year reappointment cycle. Most attendees seemed pleased with the change because they are also handling provider enrollment which falls under a three-year reappointment cycle. Other attendees stated they would not immediately adopt the three-year reappointment cycle because they are awaiting CMS’s decision on whether or not they would also adopt this change.”

IAMSS Annual Conference in Oak Brook, IL

“We learned that the MSP role first started as a secretary with antiquated administrative responsibilities— like making coffee for the physician break room—and some attendees commented that they are still performing some of these administrative tasks. The point was made that MSPs should be their own advocate in order to operate at the top of their license.”

NCAMSS Annual Conference in Charlotte, NC

“Attendees were very interested in learning more about AMA Ed Hub’s recently deployed training for physicians around treating patients with opioid and other substance abuse issues.”

CAMSS Annual Education Forum in Anaheim, CA

“Physician well-being and burnout continues to be a hot topic amongst Medical Staff Professionals. One of the sessions presented on this topic, included resources from the AMA, specifically the AMA Physician Well-Being Program and 6 big things that must change to beat burnout, an article posted in 2020. The session also touched on how AI can reduce administrative burden."


Common Themes:

Three-Year Reappointment Schedule Change

“One of the major topics that was covered in all three conferences was The Joint Commission’s recent move to a three-year reappointment cycle. Organizations are still figuring out how best to adopt this change."

Lack of Qualified Candidates

“There is a lack of qualified candidates for medical staff professionals, and organizations are trying to find new approaches for finding qualified candidates. These include allowing remote work, providing a career path, and expanding the responsibilities MSPs will handle.”