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Credentialing Services
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View our Recorded Webinar on Credentialing Red Flags

Presented by Kathy Matzka, CPMSM, CPCS, FMSP

One of the most important aspects of the credentialing process is the evaluation of information received when verifying physician and clinician credentials. Identifying information that indicates a problem may exist and need to be addressed—also known as red flags—adds complexity to the process. Some red flags are easily identified while others are more subtle. The trend toward employment of practitioners has made some of these issues harder to evaluate. This Webinar will discuss how to identify potential red flags, follow up on the issues, and document appropriately the follow-up work.

AMA Testimonials

AMA Credentialing Services has greatly improved our ability to expedite our credentialing and to easily identify and discrepancies in dates of training, etc. We decided to use these services for our region as all Medical Staff Services professionals agreed that the service is well worth the money spent.

Debbie Miller
doctor testimonial